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David Humphrey david.humphrey at senecacollege.ca
Mon Jun 23 05:57:16 PDT 2014

Perhaps you saw this go by last week, but in case not....

Bugzilla now has a Mentors field, that works like the CC list.  If you 
want to mark people as mentors for a bug, you can just add those names 
to the Mentors list.

A great idea!


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Subject: 	Mentors now have their own Bugzilla field.
Date: 	Thu, 19 Jun 2014 14:53:08 -0400
From: 	Mike Hoye <mhoye at mozilla.com>
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Hi, everyone -

We've just wrapped up big migration of the mentored bug information in
Bugzilla from [mentor=person] in the whiteboard to bug mentors being
their own field.

Most of that change was done automatically and silently, for which we
can thank glob, dkl and their usual quietly-professional aplomb. A lot
of the data was messy, though, and I had to finish a few hundred bugs
worth of migration manually; this wasn't even a little bit silent. Some
of you got a lot of bugmail from me today, and in particular I'd like to
remind members of the compatibility team that you can't expense a mob
hit under current accounting best practices.

This means a couple of things, most of which are nice and one of which
is not.

- We'll have much easier time figuring out much and how valuable
mentoring and good first bugs really are, presently and historically.
More about this is forthcoming, with all kinds of fancy graphs.
- Building around mentored/good-first bugs just became simpler and more
- Needinfo -> Mentor is on the way, which should be good.

The thing that's not nice is that I should have done a better job of
preannouncing this change. If you've built anything that relied on
searching for "whiteboard contains mentor=whatever", it's broken now.

Fixing any breakage that has occurred should be straightfoward; note that

$> curl https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/rest/bug/######?include_fields=mentors

returns JSON that looks like this:

{"bugs":[{"mentors":["somebody at somewhere.org"],"mentors_detail":[{"email":"somebody at somewhere.org","real_name":"Some
[:somebody]","name":"somebody at somewhere.org","id":123456}]}],"faults":[]}


- mhoye
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