Tomorrow's Webmaker Now call

Brett Gaylor brett at
Mon Jun 16 17:23:56 PDT 2014

First of all, it's very hard to talk about calls that are named after
points in time.  But welcome to your email about the next Now call (not the
next next call - we don't do that call anymore :p).

I'd like to try a simple format of 1) Quick check in on goals 2) Team leads
sharing plans for 2 weeks and then 3) trouble shooting with a smaller group
based on blockers that emerge.  This week, for example, we need to spend
some time sorting out landing pages for the maker party, and that can be an
opportunity for those who need to jump to do so.

*Ask:* Could team leads/PMs (Cassie, Simon, Michelle, Claw + Hannah) update
before the meeting their plans for the next 2 week cycle starting on line
24.  We're all slowly moving towards synchronization so no problem if its
messy, just a general sense for updates sake as well as to surface any
blockers you might have.

Everyone else on this thread is free to join, as discussed in last cross
team call, but would ask that you add to the roll call and then face mute
if you're planning to lurk :)  It's good to know if you're there though in
case there are questions that only you can answer!

See you all tomorrow at 11:00 Pacific, 2:00 Eastern, 18:00 UTC in my Vidyo.

Thank you!
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