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Agreed with Chris -- this is a great start, Lucy!

Love the photo at the top (hard to get good photos for that space that
stretch well with the white text, but you did it well!).

One initial bit of feedback is that I'd recommend using the new Activity
template <> for the "Host a
Translation Party" step in your kit for continuity's sake, instead of the
older template you've linked to. This will give folks a more consistent
experience as they move through the different parts of your kit.

Another recommendation is to add a photo or two of translators in action,
so users can see how fun the process can be. There are some good photos
from Mozfest in the Flickr repo here: (Happy to help you
find some specific ones, if interested).

Will definitely feature this in the Community Literacies
<> series when you're
finished, so keep us posted on your progress!


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On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 10:10 AM, Christopher Lawrence <
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> Great start Lucy!
> You may want to look for feedback on our Webmaker Discourse board
> On Jun 12, 2014, at 10:47 AM, Lucy Harris <lucy at>
> wrote:
> Hi Guys!
> I've been working on a "Translation Maker Party
> <>"
> Teaching Kit to try and address this need. Would love some input! Let me
> know what you think!
> Lucy
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> Subject: Re: Idea: translation maker parties
> This is a good follow-up to a conversation Mavis + Ali + I had last week
> on starting to make the main MP site localized for different communities
> (bug = ).
> We have had community and partners express interest in doing translation
> events on some of the teaching kits, the MP site and others. The MP team
> can put together a quick teaching kit (if anyone wants to help let us
> know!) and we can flush out the ask/incentives.
> Amira
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> I think this is really good. Another thing to add to your list is that in
> addition to doing translation, people could also test drive localized
> versions of our things with their community. "Mom, what do you think of
> this?" around the kitchen table, with the xx-YY version of Webmaker on the
> screen. Having a way for people to bring back local and locale-aware
> knowledge and tell us what is wrong or odd would be great.
> +1
> Even back when I worked on Thunderbird I was struck by how even localizers
> didn’t feel they could say things like “hey, this feature can't work in my
> language”.
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