Idea: translation maker parties

David Humphrey david.humphrey at
Fri Jun 6 09:10:28 PDT 2014

I think this is really good.  Another thing to add to your list is that 
in addition to doing translation, people could also test drive localized 
versions of our things with their community.  "Mom, what do you think of 
this?" around the kitchen table, with the xx-YY version of Webmaker on 
the screen.  Having a way for people to bring back local and 
locale-aware knowledge and tell us what is wrong or odd would be great.


On 14-06-06 11:26 AM, Brett Gaylor wrote:
> So, connecting a few threads:
> -Our L10N work continues to be world class.  We are still the #5 most popular project on transifex
> -We continue to hear stories on our lists such as the mass translation to Icelandic of webmaker, or swedish, or hindi
> -Kate gave a talk at JSConf about diversity and cited our localization as an example to apparently broad support
> Proposal:  Can we create some simple scaffolding for “translation parties” of webmaker?  Create a really simple teaching kit for example that shows how to do this, and start engaging our transifex, Mozilla channels, etc, and perhaps even some incentives?  ie get your locale to 100% and everyone gets a hoodie, go from 0-hero and we’ll fly you somewhere, a message from mark, etc?
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