Webmaker @ 80k

Brett Gaylor brett at mozillafoundation.org
Thu Jun 5 08:03:50 PDT 2014

Hello, Webmakers!

Just a note to start your morning that we’ve passed the 80,000 user mark today.

For comparison, that is the size of Bellingham, Washington, as well as my home city of Victoria, the capital of British Columbia (and for you Canadians, yes the region is bigger!).

Also worth noting: new users increased 128% over last month, and new user conversion increased by 122%.

Keep it up!  Can’t wait to see what this small town of Webmakers thinks of the changes we’re about to unveil.


PS if you want to nerd out on stats you can visit https://mozillafoundation.geckoboard.com/dashboards/F62088172D822E2A

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