Edit and Delete function is not working in popcorn-maker

Christopher De Cairos cade at mozillafoundation.org
Mon Jun 2 08:48:05 PDT 2014

That can been triggered by one of these things (that I can think of):

1. Incorrect MakeAPI keys
2. Incorrect loginAPI credentials on the login server
3. Webmaker Login server isn't running
4. Mongodb or elasticsearch connection strings are invalid
5. Mongodb or elasticsearch is not running

I suggest checking *all* of the above one at a time, and I'm 95% sure
you'll find the issue. Should that not resolve the issue, Collect as
much information as possible (config file settings for makeapi +
webmaker + login server and console errors) and file a bug here:

On Mon, 2014-06-02 at 08:35 -0700, Scott Downe wrote:
> Looks like it's failing here: https://github.com/mozilla/webmaker.org/blob/master/routes/details.js#L27
> There are other lines in this file that have that error too.
> It would be interesting to know what's in err: https://github.com/mozilla/webmaker.org/blob/master/routes/details.js#L26
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> Sent: Sunday, June 1, 2014 1:44:41 PM
> Subject: Edit and Delete function is not working in popcorn-maker
> Hello Everyone,
>              I was trying to install popcorn-maker from last two
> months, still I am not able to install it completely, I am not able to
> edit and delete videos, I can save videos and preview works fine.
> But when I click on Details on preview link, it given an error "looks
> like there is problem with make-api"
> first I thought may be values are not stored in database, so I checked
> the database in mongodb, everything was there, even i tried to create
> another video and saved it and that value was also saved in table, so
> i thought i will remove the values from database and the videos from
> my makes will also be deleted, but still the icons are as it is in my
> makes.
> May be the problem is with elasticsearch, I don't know but please help
> :( i am just stuck at this point.
> My operating system is ubuntu
> Thanks,
> Navneet
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