Fwd: Auto Scaling: launch for group "webmakerorg-production-as"

JP Schneider johns at mozillafoundation.org
Fri Dec 27 05:19:20 PST 2013

Good morning webmakers!
Just to settle your nerves, any ELB alerts in the next 10 minutes can be
safely ignored.  I noted that we had a few "No data received" alarms
overnight, so I'm bringing new nodes in.

Happy holidays!

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From: Autoscaling Activities <no-reply at sns.amazonaws.com>
Date: Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 7:13 AM
Subject: Auto Scaling: launch for group "webmakerorg-production-as"
To: "devops at mozillafoundation.org" <devops at mozillafoundation.org>

Service: AWS Auto Scaling
Time: 2013-12-27T13:13:45.997Z
RequestId: 687cfd41-38e1-4ede-a025-74791eb423e8
Event: autoscaling:EC2_INSTANCE_LAUNCH
AccountId: 811385889773
AutoScalingGroupName: webmakerorg-production-as
ActivityId: 687cfd41-38e1-4ede-a025-74791eb423e8
Description: Launching a new EC2 instance: i-c461e5e4
Cause: At 2013-12-27T13:12:21Z a user request update of AutoScalingGroup
constraints to min: 6, max: 6, desired: 6 changing the desired capacity
from 3 to 6.  At 2013-12-27T13:12:42Z an instance was started in response
to a difference between desired and actual capacity, increasing the
capacity from 3 to 6.
StartTime: 2013-12-27T13:12:42.191Z
EndTime: 2013-12-27T13:13:45.996Z
StatusCode: InProgress
Progress: 50
EC2InstanceId: i-c461e5e4
Details: {"Availability Zone":"us-east-1b"}

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