It's the holidays - take them!

Brett Gaylor brett at
Fri Dec 20 16:33:18 PST 2013

Merry Ho HoI just got some help from Dumitru Gherman (thanks, Dumitru!) on some of the annoying things about this list, and you should see less bounces now.  Yay!

-You can only post using the email address you signed up with.  Otherwise it will bounce
-You can manage this settings using the link at the bottom of this email, which is:
-You can even view a poorly formatted yet totally useful archive of everything here:

Now - what I wanted to say was:

Mozilla staffers are now on their holiday break.  Huzzah!  So if you are looking for a Webmaker-dev, chances are they won't be reachable till the New Year.

For all members of the project - take some time off!  Not only is it a good idea to take downtime, but remember that we all love the project and sometimes can't resist, so when we see activity it awakens the part of our brain we are trying to rest.  So seriously, don't work on any bugs or try and commit code :)

Thanks for a great year, it's been a blast!  We blogged about some plans for next year here:

And that, friends, is all you'll hear from me in 2013!

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