Triage for effective community participation

Pomax michiel at
Sun Dec 15 10:06:34 PST 2013

As a point of process, this also requires having an administrative setup 
that lets developers easily view new issues in the components they are 
supposed to be watching, as well as issues that don't have "needinfo" 
stuck on them but have activity in them requiring attention.

The first is fairly trivial, and simply requires saving a component 
search for "new" bugs to your list of bugzilla queries on your "my 
dashboard" page (use the search builder to build a search for your 
component, and save the search. It's now in your personal drop-down 
menu). We could simply agree to make it part of our jobs to not just 
look at review requests as the first thing of the day, but to also look 
at those "new in component" lists and giving every new bug a few moments 
worth of attention before moving on to working on bugs assigned to us.

The second is a lot harder; as far as I've been able to tell there is no 
query for things like "bugs that I am assigned to, or am commenting on, 
that have simply received a comment since the last time I looked at 
them". If it's not a bug state change, from what I can tell, there is no 
way to have bugzilla search for it. It keeps no (searchable) record of 
when you last looked at a bug, so there is no way to build the list of 
"someone commented on this since last I checked and even though there is 
no needinfo? flag, I obviously do need to read it and possibly respond."

If we're getting serious about triage, it'll be good if we know how to 
deal with this second  case. Bugzilla is an amazing source of email 
flooding, so if there is a way to use bugzilla for our dev process 
without needing an email client as well, that would be great. Of course, 
if that's not possible, we need to at least have some documentation that 
explains what is needed and/or expected to successfully work with 
bugzilla given the requirements we place on ourselves as a 
community-engaged development team.

- Pomax

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