Triage for effective community participation

David Humphrey david.humphrey at
Sun Dec 15 07:56:50 PST 2013

One thing I'm seeing in our bugs that I'd like to try and address with 
our weekly triage is an accumulation of bugs that are stuck on things like:

a) questions from a (new) dev and then silence from us, missing 
responses from a mentor, reviewer
b) a new dev not knowing process, and missing a key step, which means 
flags don't get set, and the bug sits (e.g., no pull request, or PR not 
on bug, or no reviewer set, ...)

To catch these, and in particular to catch them early enough to 
intervene and make sure we can help, we're going to have to consider 
expanding our triage runs to include bugs that are ASSIGNED and NEW as 
well.  We'll have to discuss how to do this well, without swamping 
ourselves in too many bugs.  It might mean we use random selection, or 
prioritize bugs not assigned to Mozilla staff, etc.

Give it some thought.  We need to get better at supporting the community 
in bugs.  A 2014 goal should be that a willing community member can be 
effective despite not knowing our process, or getting lost in the 
busyness of the rest of what's happening around him/her.


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