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Ali Al Dallal alihuda2002 at
Fri Dec 13 07:12:10 PST 2013

Good morning everyone,

I have two updates to inform everyone about.

First, I’m so excited as I’m monitoring the rank of Webmaker on Transifex and seeing it slowly taking up place on the top #10. I remember when we were at Mozfest it was on 2nd page of the most active project and here we are…. we are #6 most active project of all 8784 projects on Transifex. We are getting bigger everyday and currently we have 489 unique translators in our projects with 70 languages. 

My second good news is somewhat related to the first one. In the past week Jon (jbuck) and I were working on making both Translators and Developers life much easier to work and creating the best possible workflow as we can. I’m not going to go in details on how to and what is the new workflow as I think creating a docs/README or blog post follow up will be much better, but I just want to let everybody knows and be aware of the big change that we did so you guys don’t get surprise on what’s going on.

Ali Al Dallal
Research Assistant @CDOT
Twitter: @alicoding
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