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Wed Dec 4 13:50:15 PST 2013

Sweet! I’d like to maintain velocity, but still allow time for people to read. I’m thinking early January to meet and discuss. Maybe we should set a halfway point before holidays?

I’d also like to encourage remotees to join. However, I’d posit that one big step we should take is eliminating the “remotee” distinction in the first place. 

In the words of the Summit, “we are all remotees”. We need to foster and participate in remote culture as a team for it to really thrive. I’d love to get perspectives from those of you that primarily (or entirely?) work in the office.


On Dec 4, 2013, at 11:17 AM, Brett Gaylor <brett at> wrote:

> Yes!  I want to join.
> Particularly would encourage Humph and Pomax to join as other remotees
> When is first book club meeting gvn? :)
> Brett
> On 2013-12-04, at 10:26 AM, Gavin Suntop <gavin at> wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> I’ve been reading the book Remote by 37signals about…remote working. The wisdom and thoughts contained within feel highly applicable to our team. On that note, I’d like to propose starting a book club to discuss it.
>> If you’re interested in joining in, just let me know! It’s a pretty light read.
>> More info here:
>> -G.
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