Improvements to Jenkins Build Process

JP Schneider jp at
Tue Dec 3 11:18:39 PST 2013

Good day to you!

We have made some improvements to the Jenkins build/deploy server that
should shave a ton of time off the deploy process.

Previously, we were first building the package (say, webmakerorg), then
adding it to the correct repo.  We would then sync that up to S3, and then
(here is the rough spot) pull down that repo on Geppetto, where we served
our apt repos from.

I have setup an S3 repo to server instead of Geppetto, and this will cut
out the old step of syncing down to geppetto, which sometimes took 30+

Please be on the lookout for any issues or servers you believe are not
receiving new versions, and let me know!

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