[webvr] Medium post: How can we ensure WebVR is not an off-ramp for the web?

Florian Bösch pyalot at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 10:34:34 UTC 2016

On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 11:46 PM, <rob.manson at awe.media> wrote:

> Even if you look at the samples page:
>   https://webvr.info/samples/
> There's the primary link to the WebVR experience - then some sad little
> links in brackets that say "Use Polyfill" 8)
> Use Polyfill means it uses existing APIs (such as device orientation) and
best-guess distortion mechanisms to produce a VR-like view. Polyfilling is
a mechanism whereby missing functionality (such as WebVR) is emulated for
the purpose of compatibility with non WebVR supporting browsers, and for
developers who don't have VR hardware. It's got nothing todo with
relegating the 2D web to a second class citizen.


> *We should extend WebVR to make it a seamless part of the web of the
> future. *
> This is the web's opportunity to differentiate itself from all the other
> VR and AR platforms.
> This is a hard problem...but one that can set the web head and shoulders
> above all the other platforms.
Still no concrete suggestion.
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