[webvr] Medium post: How can we ensure WebVR is not an off-ramp for the web?

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Sat Sep 17 21:46:27 UTC 2016

Hi Florian,

I always love how you cut through to the key points 8)

> Critique 1st paragraph: premise not substantiated, no concrete 
> suggestion evident.

I'd be happy to add more substantiation to this and debate the impact - 
that's the whole point of me raising this position paper.

Lets work with the more terse version you edited down:

> /The problem is that WebVR is a separate world. /

That's a little too terse 8) I didn't say "WebVR 'is' a separate world" 
- I said it's being positioned and perceived as a "separate world". This 
is not a technical point, rather a cultural one. But a cultural point 
that we believe does have an impact on our development of that technology.

This positioning is relatively natural and expected considering what VR is.

My point is that the web standard wg's/communities have been working in 
a fragmented way - which is their normal mode of behaviour. But that we 
have a great opportunity now to position WebVR as more than just a "web 
version of VR". The web offers so much more than native downloadable 
apps and WebVR is just one part of a mixed reality enabled web.

I know some people will disregard this as some form of 
super-bikeshedding. However, positioning and having a broader vision for 
where we're headed can have a tangible impact.

As I mentioned in my post:

    "But we do think it would be good if the benefits from WebVR were
    also focused back into existing API’s
    rather than always striking out in a new direction."

This includes a link to Brandon's comments about why WebVR didn't just 
extend the DeviceOrientation (now gyroscope) API. I understand the 
positive motivation and I discussed this with Brandon at a dinner a few 
months ago. I think WebVR is taking a good slice of the "extensible web" 

But now would be a great time to lay out a roadmap for how these WebVR 
API's and related optimisations are also driving us towards more than 
just plugging in an HMD.

We'll be publishing some technical analysis around this soon.

> /The 2D web becomes a second class citizen, to be covered by the 
> polyfill. /

There's countless threads in this forum and others where people clearly 
have conversations just like this. I know a lot of people here are 
focused on creating multi-device experiences - so I'm aiming to rally 
them and make sure we're all clear about how important this is to the web.

The "unwearable web" is important to WebVR too.

Even if you look at the samples page:


There's the primary link to the WebVR experience - then some sad little 
links in brackets that say "Use Polyfill" 8)

This is a tiny example of how this positioning and perception drives how 
we communicate and setup the technology.

> /We should extend WebVR to make it a seamless part of the web of the 
> future. /
This is the web's opportunity to differentiate itself from all the other 
VR and AR platforms.

This is a hard problem...but one that can set the web head and shoulders 
above all the other platforms.

> Feedback 2nd paragraph: sounds cool.

And thanks for the sub-editing I'll definitely take a look at those points.


On 17/09/2016 11:04 pm, Florian Bösch wrote:
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>     https://medium.com/@robman/how-can-we-ensure-webvr-is-not-an-off-ramp-for-the-web-5c0c0b65a7e8#.xzf9u56yq
>     <https://medium.com/@robman/how-can-we-ensure-webvr-is-not-an-off-ramp-for-the-web-5c0c0b65a7e8#.xzf9u56yq>
>     I'd love to hear your thoughts...
> Original document statistics: 954 words, 4353 characters
>  1. Strike everything that's a turn of phrase, commonplace,
>     duplication/repetition, void of information or a lead-in.
>     lead-out, bridging phrases, self-evident for anybody but the
>     complete outsider, thoughts, hopes, beliefs, etc.
>  2. Removing one-sentence paragraph titles
>  3. Shortening the title and making it not a question
>  4. Rephrasing such things as "wee see at the moment that something is
>     ..." to "..."
>  5. Striking superfluous parenthesis
>  6. Concatenating one-sentence paragraphs
>  7. Fixing garbled sentence structure
>  8. Rephrasing some
>  9. Shortening some more
> 10. Title seems irrelevant to textual content that's left, removing.
> Reworked document: 92 words, 482 characters. quoted below:
>         /The problem is that WebVR is a separate world. The 2D web
>         becomes a second class citizen, to be covered by the polyfill.
>         We should extend WebVR to make it a seamless part of the web
>         of the future. /
>         //
>         /We’ve been working our platform for 7 years. It makes VR & AR
>         is to billions of capable browsers, and allows for authoring
>         as well. We want to create one extended information space
>         where you can seamlessly go from a page based model to a
>         spatial model and link to the physical world./
> Critique 1st paragraph: premise not substantiated, no concrete 
> suggestion evident.
> Feedback 2nd paragraph: sounds cool.
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