[webvr] Medium post: How can we ensure WebVR is not an off-ramp for the web?

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> https://medium.com/@robman/how-can-we-ensure-webvr-is-not-
> an-off-ramp-for-the-web-5c0c0b65a7e8#.xzf9u56yq
> I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Original document statistics: 954 words, 4353 characters

   1. Strike everything that's a turn of phrase, commonplace,
   duplication/repetition, void of information or a lead-in. lead-out,
   bridging phrases, self-evident for anybody but the complete outsider,
   thoughts, hopes, beliefs, etc.
   2. Removing one-sentence paragraph titles
   3. Shortening the title and making it not a question
   4. Rephrasing such things as "wee see at the moment that something is
   ..." to "..."
   5. Striking superfluous parenthesis
   6. Concatenating one-sentence paragraphs
   7. Fixing garbled sentence structure
   8. Rephrasing some
   9. Shortening some more
   10. Title seems irrelevant to textual content that's left, removing.

Reworked document: 92 words, 482 characters. quoted below:

*The problem is that WebVR is a separate world. The 2D web becomes a second
> class citizen, to be covered by the polyfill. We should extend WebVR to
> make it a seamless part of the web of the future. *

*We’ve been working our platform for 7 years. It makes VR & AR is to
> billions of capable browsers, and allows for authoring as well. We want to
> create one extended information space where you can seamlessly go from a
> page based model to a spatial model and link to the physical world.*

Critique 1st paragraph: premise not substantiated, no concrete suggestion

Feedback 2nd paragraph: sounds cool.
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