[webvr] What not a shared WebVR library similar to ANGLE?

Ben Houston ben at exocortex.com
Thu Sep 1 17:37:26 UTC 2016

Hi guys,

Another idea.  One interesting thing that happened with WebGL was the
development of a common shared library that powered a number of
projects, e.g. ANGLE.

I wonder if that may make sense again.

The reason I suggest this is that I think that the VR ecosystem is
going have to fight with driver quality issues that are endemic to the
3D industry as a whole.

There are already a ton of different driver layers
- OpenVR SDK for VIVE
- Oculus VR https://developer3.oculus.com/downloads/
- Cardboard VR https://developers.google.com/vr/ios/download
- OSVR from Razer - but is anyone using this?  http://www.osvr.org/

Pooling resources to create a solid and bullet proof driver layers for
the various VR devices may be useful.  I know that I would rather have
the browser become bullet proof rather than JavaScript developers such
as myself trying to navigate this.

I know it has been a huge task to make WebGL as good as it is.

I think that because WebVR needs to be coordinated with WebGL, this
makes technical sense if there is a political will.  Although I guess
consolidation at this point could actually slow things down, in favor
of better stability and less work in the long-term.

I know that may not be possible as it is a political problem, rather
than a technical one.

Best regards,
Ben Houston

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