[web-vr] Announcing Samsung Internet for Gear VR with WebVR support

Laszlo Gombos l.gombos at samsung.com
Fri Apr 1 23:40:57 UTC 2016


Last week at Samsung we released our VR Browser - Samsung Internet for GearVR 1.0 (out of Beta) - with added functionality including improved VR video support and integration with our mobile browser which lets you easily transition from a mobile experience into an immersive GearVR experience.

You can find more details on our developer website:  http://developer.samsung.com/technical-doc/view.do?v=T000000270L  .

We at Samsung are actively working on and committed to support WebVR. The WebVR support is "experimental" status as the specification is still evolving. The current release is using the deprecated API set, and we hope to update it soon to the latest WebVR draft.

To enable WebVR all you need to do is visit the internet://webvr-enable<internet://webvr-enable/> . internet://webvr-disable<internet://webvr-disable/> to disable WebVR support (but why would you ever want to do that :-) ).

This version of the Samsung Internet for GearVR has support for WebGL (on by default) and is based on the same open source chromium engine version (M44) as our latest version of the mobile Samsung Internet for Android product (which is now downloadable from the Google Play Store on most of the recent Samsung mobile devices https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sec.android.app.sbrowser).

Happy to hear any feedback or questions about our web VR user agent.

Thanks and Best,

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