[web-vr] WebVR API + Oculus runtime changes in tomorrow's (Apr 2) Firefox Nightly

Vladimir Vukicevic vladimir at mozilla.com
Thu Apr 2 02:54:33 UTC 2015

Hi all,

In tomorrow's (2 Apr) Firefox Nightly build, a few things are changing that
will impact all current WebVR content.  The first one of these *will
require content changes*.

- API changes as described in
This will require content changes -- specifically, calling getEyeParameters
instead of the individual get* functions as previously.  Note that you can
support both versions of the API by simply checking if getEyeParameters
exists as a function.

- These builds require the recently released Oculus 0.5.x runtime, which

- The "Oculus SDK Enabler" addon is no longer required.  Instead, just the
"dom.vr.enabled" preference needs to be set to true:

  1. open up "about:config", search for vr.enabled, set to true
  2. restart the browser.

Setting this pref will also automatically disable e10s.  (Note that if you
do have the addon installed, it will automatically set this pref itself as
well.  Having it installed won't hurt, and in the future we may have a
simple "WebVR Enabler" addon that does nothing but set this pref and gives
us a way to ship interesting VR experiments in the future.)

- Native support for Cardboard and similar via the phone sensors will show
up in nightly builds of Firefox for Android.  Note that this doesn't use
the Cardboard SDK; instead, it exposes the rotation vector directly to
WebVR.  This is just a rough implementation, and will likely include better
sensor fusion code in the future.  Feedback is welcome.

Note that the "cardboard" device will show up even in desktop builds for
now, even though it won't be attached to any sensors.  This means that on
systems with Oculus HMDs, you'll see two devices, one Oculus, and one
cardboard.  If your position sensor detection code doesn't do the work to
match up hardware IDs, you could end up choosing the wrong position sensor
for the HMD.. so don't do that :)

I'll write a more detailed blog post in the morning with some more info on
these changes.

    - Vlad
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