[thunderbird-testers] Test Plan for Thunderbird 17 - Call for testers

Ludovic Hirlimann Ludovic at mozilla.com
Mon Sep 10 03:25:18 PDT 2012

Hi Thunderbird developers , users and testers,

Thunderbird 17 release is approaching quickly (eg Nov. 20th). And
according to the future release plans, this release should be used until
gecko 24 is ready. In order to have a kick ass release (free of as much
possible regressions), I want to propose the following test plan :

 * Have a test week during Aurora (eg starting Next Sunday)
 * Have a second test week when we reach beta 1
 * Have as many users as possible running 17 until it get's released

To achieve that I'll need *YOU* to invest some time into testing
Thunderbird. And I need a lot of *YOU* to stand up and say I'll give
some of my time to testing Thunderbird.

For people who want to test

We have 47 test areas to cover in our testsuite. I need at least 30
people to sign up (and I'll update regularly over the week on how many
people did sign up) by sending me an email. Signing up means you agree
over the next week (starting Sunday September 16th) to spent one hour
testing Thunderbird.
In that email please include :
 * the os you use
 * the kind of account you have access to (eg imap, pop, nntp)

I'll send to each of the people who signed in an email with complete
instruction on Saturday the 15th.

If you can't commit one hour of your time, but still want to help - just
grab an Aurora build (at
http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/channel/) and commit yourself
to use it for the week - if you see bugs please :
 * file them in bugzilla
 * mark them blocker of bug 789883

For people who code

Please follow the meta bug and see if you can fix the bugs that we might

For people who translate

Relay this call into your local forums asking user to use Aurora for the
week and to report bugs.

Going forward

Once we are done with this first week of testing, I'll make a similar
call when we reach beta1 to make sure new things didn't crept in.

This email/post is set to reply directly to me - do so if you intend to
help testing. If you have questions, just reply to the mailing list you
got this email from and I'll reply there.

QA lead for Thunderbird
@lhirlimann on twitter

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