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Ludovic Hirlimann ludovic at mozillamessaging.com
Mon Feb 15 01:34:22 PST 2010

 Dear testers,

This email is a heads-up on the upcoming activities for the coming
weeks. We'll be working on 3 releases in the upcoming week, two for
which I would like to get you involved in some ways (The third release
is, in case you are wondering ;-) ).

The first release we are going to work on is 3.0.2, this should start
this week as only one patch is missing from the release. This release is
focused on bug fixes and on making sure that people updating from 2.x,
still can send emails and access their emails properly. That Release
doesn't bring any new features. Testing is going to be strait forward.
What I need from those of you using 3.0 or 3.0.1 is to update to
3.0.2pre as soon as possible
and use it for the coming week or so. I'm also looking for one Linux
user to do some smoke-testing on the beta builds. I'll send an email
when the beta builds becomes available.

The second release is going to be Lanikai 3.1b1 - As I wrote previously,
usage on that branch is low - so we're going to have two activities,
we'll be having a testday. We'll use that testday to make sure the
refinements that are getting here are there. These should be mostly UI
related (Activity manager receiving some, search some too) - with a few
backend change. While a test day is good to test the new features and
polish in b1. It's not enough so I'm looking for volunteers to work on a
complete test using litmus. These are the areas that need to be tested :

        * Install, shutdown, uninstall
        * Folder Views
        * Migration
        * Updating Thunderbird
        * Import
        * Window configuration
        * Toolbars and menus
        * Account settings & Preferences (Options)
        * IMAP accounts
        * POP accounts (exclude Global Inbox)
        * Gmail Accounts
        * .Mac accounts
        * Global inbox
        * Mail composition
        * Spell checker
        * RSS account & subscriptions
        * Newsgroups
        * Message Aging
        * Navigating and displaying messages
        * Downloading and saving
        * Image blocking
        * Return receipts
        * Proxies
        * Offline, disk space
        * Moving, copying, deleting messages
        * Views and labeling messages
        * Message filters
        * Message search
        * Address search
        * Virtual folders
        * Message Grouping
        * Quicksearch
        * Address books
        * Junk mail
        * Extensions
        * Theme management
        * Help
        * Printing
        * Master Passwords & password management
        * Phishing, spoof detection
        * Secure connections
        * Digital signing, encrypting messages
        * Software Update
        * Find as you type (FAYT)/Quickfind
        * Windows Search and Spotlight integration

Like I did in the past, can you send me a private email, telling me on
which os you would use to participate and three areas you would like to
test ( I suggest that you make your choice in that way , 1st area
something you care about and are eager to test, 2 area something you can
easily test, 3rd something you never used before ) so I can organize
things. The last two times this worked pretty well - except for some
people ending up  testing things they didn't care about. So i'm trying
to make this better by letting you choose before hand. I still need to
aim for 100% coverage so you still might end up testing areas you didn't
ask for.

I'll be away the week the testing is going on (I had scheduled to visit
Denmark that week - before we changed a few things in the schedule), so
the person you'll be able to talk to and who will do the final
coordination will be Wayne Mery.


Ludovic Hirlimann MozillaMessaging QA lead

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