Mid-Q3 goal check-in

Wil Clouser wclouser at mozilla.com
Fri Aug 12 16:49:43 UTC 2016

We're at the mid-point of the quarter so I thought I'd do a quick check in
on where we are at with our quarterly goals.

   - *Objective:* Grow the Test Pilot user base.
   - *Key Results:*
      - [*Done* - went from around 2k to 12k DAU] Grow total Test Pilot
      user base by 66%
      - [*At Risk* - we deprioritized this] Add localization support to
      Test Pilot and get 80% of users using Test Pilot in their first choice
      - [*Maybe* - depends how you interpret it with the above goal] All
      new Test Pilot experiments support localization when appropriate.
      - [*On Track*] Get 6% of our legacy users into the new Test Pilot
      - [*Done*] Remove Firefox Accounts integration

   - *Objective:* Make it easy for existing Test Pilot users to learn about
   new experiments and start using them.
   - *Key Results:*
      - [*Maybe* - still waiting for the numbers on this, but this should
      have been "get x% of our users using a new experiment in y hours."  Since
      the engagement ratio is based off of DAU and MAU it's not what we should
      use in the first 24 hours. NoMore404s had 10k users in the first week.]
      Get new experiment within 24 hours of launch at a rate 10%
higher than our
      baseline engagement ratio.
      - [*Done*] Implement a notification system in Test Pilot
      - [*On Track*] 5% of active Test Pilot users share an experiment

   - *Objective:* Demonstrate that the Test Pilot experiment life cycle is
   valuable and sustainable.
   - *Key Results:*
      - [*On Track*] Ensure at least one experiment graduates
      - [*Done* - NoMore404s] Ensure at least one new experiment is
      publicly available
      - [*On Track*] Publish conclusions
      - [*On Track*] Build an offboarding process
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