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Hi David, thanks for your continued interest in test262.  At the last TC-39 meeting, we actually discussed test262's path to 1.0.  The high-level overview was:
- with the possible exception of chapter 10, test coverage is essentially complete with respect to ES3->ES5 changes due to the addition of strict mode tests a couple of months ago.  That said, there will of course be testing holes discovered over time, and the frequency and severity of these help determine when the test suite is labeled 1.0
- on a related note, the frequency in which test case bugs are reported on will help give us a good idea of where the test suite is at.  E.g., if only a few bugs are filed over the span of a couple of months, this could be an indicator that the test suite is of version 1.0 quality
-  like any software, hitting version 1.0 doesn't really mean the test suite will be without flaws.  That is, we'll continue to address bugs and coverage deficiencies as they're reported
- the plan is to resolve the majority of 'High' and 'Normal' priority bugs on 

I think it would be awesome if you were to make contributions through WebKit or Mozilla, and that would be a huge help to the testing effort!  Personally, my focus will be on the test harness itself and to a lesser extent minor improvements to the webpage for the next month or two.  If you wanted to look into potential chapter 10 deficiencies, that would be great.  Also, I promise not to work on which would be quite useful in assessing the coverage of test262. 

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Sometimes, I'm tempted to think "oh I could dive into Firefox/Webkit test base and point relevant tests for them to be added to test262 and allowed people could add them". However, since I have no visibility on what Microsoft is working on now, I realize it could be a waste of time.

Currently, the test suite is at version 0.7.3.
Would it be possible to know what the roadmap is to version 1.0?
What part are going to be covered/worked on?
What part are considered finished as far as the current people involved on test262 are concerned?


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