tb-planning moving to Thunderbird Planning

Wayne Mery vseerror at lehigh.edu
Wed Mar 31 15:08:25 UTC 2021

*This mailing list will be retired at the end of the week.*  It is 
replaced by *Thunderbird Planning *using Topicboxwhere Thunderbird is 
consolidating all communications.Please join the new group today, so 
that when postings begin you will not miss any information. (Planningis 
not yet open for postings - a follow up email will be posted with the 
<https://discuss.thunderbird.net/groups/_tojoin>lists the descriptions 
of groups groups you can join, includingseveral new groups, such as 
Beta, Daily and Announcements.

Each group works like a mailing list, so this should be an easy 
transition.  In fact, Topicbox’s slogan is “Group email for teams”. 
After joining a group you receive emails of all posts to the group, and 
you can also reply by email.To control the delivery of messages to your 
inbox open the sidebar (lines surrounded by circle) and use /Edit 
delivery options/ under Delivery Options.

You must join a group to be able to post by email. When posting please 
be guided by the group's description.You can also view all group 
postings without joining, and without being logged in, at 
Web posting is possible when you are logged in to Topicbox using a 
password (created in////Profile & Security/ under Your Account/), or the 
login code emailed to you.

We look forward to thisconsolidation of six discussion platforms into 
one discussion platform. Constructive feedback is welcome. For more 
information check out theTopicbox Getting Started Guide 

Enjoy the discussions,

Ryan and Wayne

P.S.. All Topicbox organizations are covered by the FastmailData 
Protection Addendum <https://www.fastmail.com/about/dpa.html>(DPA).  
Learn more about Topicbox at https://www.topicbox.help/ 
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