Mailman will shut down soon: this list will move

Wayne Mery vseerror at
Tue Mar 23 23:22:49 UTC 2021

My feedback I think aligns with Magnus' response.  Perhaps the following 
will help explain, at least from my perspective

On 3/23/21 1:21 PM, Dirk Steinmetz (rsjtdrjgfuzkfg) wrote:
> Hi *,
> Mozilla decided to shut down the Mailman instance most Thunderbird 
> mailing lists are hosted on by the end of this month.
> This means that we need to find an alternative *fast*. The council is 
> currently discussing this, but I wanted to give the public an option 
> to weigh in.
> Regarding public lists, there are three primary proposals:
> 1. Move away from Mozilla to Topicbox

For multiple reasons, IMO this is where our open/public facing lists 
should going.  Two of those multiple reasons is we should be working 
toward streamlining back room operations and moderation, and 
standardizing what we offer to users.  Going with something else either 
says we don't care about those issues, or that we should be working to 
kill topicbox.  In short, I'm not really sure why there is even a 
question.  (Sorry if that sounds opinionated.)

If it is not possible because of time constraints to go directly to 
topicbox, then use Google Groups as a temporary bridge - but #3 is an 
non-starter IMO.

> 2. Join Mozilla in moving to Google Groups

Not preferred (but should be fine for other lists which are used for 
internal / non-public purposes).  And fwiw, as far as I know none of the 
moderators have suggested this as a preferred choice.

> 3. Self-host (not sure how feasible in the time frame)

As one of the moderators for most lists, this is a non-starter. Mailman 
and things like it are dinosaurs.  (Even though I have a fondness for 
it, it's dead simple and familiar to me - it has its problems.)

Discourse has also been mentioned in a follow up post. Thunderbird does 
have a presence there primarily as a support venue, at etc. However, in some ways 
it doesn't measure up to topicbox, and for us it never gained critical 
mass in traffic.  But more importantly, wherever possible our user 
facing properties should be Thunderbird branded without (or with less) 
hint of Mozilla. (Nothing against Mozilla - but we need to distinguish 

Hope that helps.

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