Thunderbird 78.x and enabling OpenPGP by default

Matt Connell matt at
Thu May 28 21:59:19 UTC 2020

On 2020-05-28 14:36, Kai Engert wrote:
> Thunderbird 78 will not use GnuPG in its default configuration, so you 
> will not be able to use them with Thunderbird's internal keyring.
> No, currently the intention is that the Thunderbird keyring is 
> considered internal data, stored in the Thunderbird profile directory, 
> managed by Thunderbird, only.

Apologies if this is an obvious question; I may have missed the answer 
in the thread.

Does this affect Linux users?

That is to say, will there be an option to use GnuPG, as I am doing now 
with Enigmail?  I would guess that I am not alone in using my GPG keys 
for other uses/applications other than Thunderbird, and I would hate to 
have to maintain a separate subkey if Thunderbird can't utilize the 
existing GPG agent.

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