Thunderbird 78.x and enabling OpenPGP by default

Kai Engert kaie at
Wed May 27 22:33:17 UTC 2020

On 27.05.20 18:09, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> I was assuming that the features for sending encrypted mail, decryption, 
> and import from EnigMail and gpg are working already, but with no or 
> minimal or suboptimal UI. I imagined that key management UI is complex 
> and probably something you left for the end.

It works in the good weather scenario.

Processing of revocations isn't yet hooked up and tested. Extending the 
lifetime of your key isn't yet implemented in the UI. We don't yet save 
encrypted drafts, we don't yet keep the "encrypt" flag across a saved 
draft. We don't yet automatically treat keys that you have already 
signed yourself as accepted. We don't yet discover/recover a missing 
MDC. We crash with some real world keys and are waiting for RNP library 

Believe me, if you start with real world keys and real world messages, 
you'll quickly notice that many edge cases aren't working correctly yet, 
and you don't want to use it as your primary OpenPGP client just yet.

We need a little more time to do our homework, and we'll need more readl 
world testing, where problems with common scenarios are discovered, 
reported and can get fixed. We shouldn't declare all current Enigmail 
users as Beta testers - but start with a group of volunteer testers.


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