Thunderbird 78.x and enabling OpenPGP by default

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at
Wed May 27 06:10:48 UTC 2020

While it's not unproblematic to delay exposing the built-in OpenPGP 
functionality, existing Enigmail users would have to take that choice: 
enable the preference to enable OpenPGP (accepting it's a bit rough 
around the edges), or use 68.x until the pref is on by default.

Delaying will give us more time to verify things function as they should 
as well as doing some basic UI improvements.


On 2020-05-26 22:56, Jacques Angevelle wrote:
> Hello Kai,
> You say that the functionality will be disabled and hidden AND 
> Enigmail can no longer be used. For users who use OpenPGP for some 
> messages, that means they will see a major regression if they want to 
> be early adopters of 78.x but can't assume risk of using beta. What is 
> the problem that would prevent leaving the function visible as 
> keysabsence prevents it from being used?
> Regards
> Jacques
> Le 26/05/2020 à 19:36, Kai Engert a écrit :
>> However, because the old Thunderbird 68.x version will no longer get 
>> security updates after September, and because the Enigmail OpenPGP 
>> Add-on can no longer be used with Thunderbird 78.x, we want to 
>> deliver the new functionality in Thunderbird 78.x as soon as 
>> possible, this year, before support for Thunderbird 68.x ends.
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