Thunderbird communication channels - Jitsi for online conferencing and meetings

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Please move Thunderbird online conferencing to a Jitsi instance.

Perhaps it could be at: is open source and should be used instead of any 
proprietary solution.

What do you think?

Thank you


Below are articles which may be of interest.

TDF has their own Jitsi instance:

Here is a blog entitled "Hispanic LibreOffice community meets online":

/On Saturday, the Hispanic LibreOffice community held an online event 
via TDF’s Jitsi instance, and streamed on YouTube. The event started 
17:00 UTC and last almost //*4 hours*//. More that //*35 people took 
part*//, which benefited from the presence of several members who are 
well-recognised for their participation and collaboration in the project:/

/Meanwhile, I gave a tour of the collaboration possibilities presented 
by the project. This was, of course, an open event – free and aimed at 
anyone interested in the FOSS office suite per excellence. The event 
took place on Saturday May 16th //on our Jitsi server 
<>//. Also, thanks to our 
friend Servio from the open-source Latin community, we had a live 
broadcast through YouTube, //now available as recording 

Mozilla Firefox has improved. See

Things are different now as Firefox has greatly improved for Firefox 78.

Safari 11 WebRTC support has been fixed 17 hours ago.

With the current situation, a lot has changed in that 1 year. Jitsi is 
now a working communication system.

The Jitsi communication system is also used by 30% of the entire Italian 
schooling system, WeSchool based on 8x8's Jitsi for Distance Learning.

Zoom also has lots of problems and is not allowed to be used by many 
governments and businesses. See articles below:

*Zoom's fall: Google bans Zoom from staffers' gear*
Google follows many others in banning use of the popular but troubled 
Zoom video-conferencing program.

/This move comes after //Taiwan told government employees not to use 
Earlier, //New York schools told its teachers to "gradually transition" 
from Zoom 
another video-conferencing service. Other groups are also distancing 
from Zoom./

*US Senate, German government tell staff not to use Zoom*
The two organizations now join a list that also includes the *Taiwanese 
government*, the *Australian government*, *SpaceX*, *Google*, and *New 
York state area schools*.

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