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Paul Morris paul at
Tue May 19 15:17:57 UTC 2020

Hello all,

Feel free to join us for the following presentation and discussion which 
will begin in a little under two hours (at 17:00 UTC), in the 
Thunderbird status meeting room on Zoom:


*Why we might want to start type checking our JavaScript and how that 
could even work

Type: Presentation & Discussion

Host/Presenter: Paul Morris

JavaScript is a dynamically typed language, but now TypeScript's tooling 
can be used to statically type check plain vanilla JavaScript files 
(with some help from JSDoc). Type checking offers various benefits that 
include catching certain classes of bugs sooner (before they get to 
users) and making code easier to understand. Tools like ESLint and 
Prettier have improved Thunderbird's JavaScript code and developer 
experience. Would type checking be a good next step and how might that 

Date/Time: May 19, 17:00 UTC


Here are some links as background and/or further reading:

Type Checking JavaScript Files

Type Safe JavaScript with JSDoc


The advantages of static typing, simply stated


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Paul Morris

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