Thunderbird communication channels consolidation

Chris Ilias tb-planning2 at
Fri May 15 19:03:16 UTC 2020

Magnus Melin wrote on 2020-05-15 3:32 AM:
> Thunderbird discourse <>
>   * Would be discontinued.
>   * The addons topicbox
>     <> is flourishing
>     and a number of people have expressed frustration with discourse.
>     The value in keeping it seems low.
> newsgroup 
> <news://>
>   * Could remain (IMO).
>   * Could consider having it a pure newsgroup and kill the mailinglist
>     gateway, which when used makes usage a mess out of conversations
>     there...

Mozilla Discourse was created as a replacement to the 
newsgroup+Googlegroup+mailinglist setup. While I'm not aware of any 
schedule to decommission the news server, I think it's just a matter of 
finding the time to do create a plan.
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