Thunderbird communication channels consolidation

Kai Engert kaie at
Fri May 15 09:42:44 UTC 2020

Hi Magnus, thanks for the initiative. Here are some thoughts on your 

With a mailman listed hosted by Mozilla, the project has full control 
over the archive.

Should Thunderbird ever decide to stop using the services of the 
Topicbox commercial provider, what will happen to the archive of past 
discussions on lists that were hosted on Topicbox?

We might want to keep tb-planning as a traditional Mailman list, with 
its traditional archive. Keeping a permanent archive of the high level 
discussions seems more interesting than the archive of short lived 
technical discussions.

The Maildev list could be removed, and a new list of development topics 
created on Topicbox. Given Topicbox already hosts the "Add-on 
Developers" list, and the "Thunderbird UX" list, this seems consistent.

The naming should be chosen carefully. Is this list really about "Mail" 
development, only? What about discussions on Calendar, Chat or Feeds?

If you want a general list for all development discussions related to 
the core Thunderbird software, then the name shouldn't imply a 
limitation to Mail. Highlighing the difference to "Add-on Developers", 
and being aligned with the "tb-planning" name, we could name that new 
list "TB Developers" with the short alias "tb-dev".

If there's unhappiness with Discourse, then yes, please shut down its 
Thunderbird area. It's unconvenient to have to log in there to follow 
discussions. If people want to use a web based forum to interact with 
us, then Topicbox should work for that.

Regarding newsgroups, I've seen past problems if a list was bridged 
between newsgroups and a mailing list. Archives were unreliable, 
messaging from one channel not reliably showing up on the other side. 
Therefore I agree, shut down dev-apps-thunderbird at

I'd personally consider to even abandon but 
of course we can keep it, if you consider it important to keep a 
Newsgroup channel alive.

In short:
- agree with your suggestions to shut off discourse and
   stop the mailing list gateway

- suggest to keep tb-planning on mailman at Mozilla

- suggest to rather move Maildev to tb-dev at


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