Thunderbird communication channels consolidation

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Fri May 15 08:51:19 UTC 2020

On 15.05.20 09:32, Magnus Melin wrote:
> tb-planning mailing list <>
>   * Would remain/become the main channel of general communication.


> maildev mailing list 
> <> 
>   * Most if not all of the maildev members are also on tb-planning.
>   * The list hasn't had too much traffic, since whether to choose this
>     or tb-planning is not easy.
>   * Its original purpose of serving as a more moderated forum for
>     technical discussion has proven generally non-feasible: details of
>     technical decisions are better discussed on specific bugs with the
>     people who have, or are gaining knowledge about the specifics
>     involved.

Strongly disagreed. maildev is very important. See the posting by Jörg 
and my reply over there.

> Thunderbird discourse <>
>   * Would be discontinued.
>   * The addons topicbox
>     <> is flourishing
>     and a number of people have expressed frustration with discourse.
>     The value in keeping it seems low.

Agreed. Topicbox - being email lists - is better suited for Thunderbird.

> newsgroup 
> <news://>
>   * Could remain (IMO).

Does anybody of the devs still read this? I see only 2 posts from 
developers this year. I'd be in favor of dropping this, if we're talking 
about consolidation.

We should have a channel for end user discussion, though.

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