Thunderbird communication channels consolidation

Mark Banner mbanner at
Fri May 15 08:46:44 UTC 2020

On 15/05/2020 08:32, Magnus Melin wrote:

> Currently Thunderbird communication channels are a bit scattered. Some
> consolidation has been discussed on various forums, but no decisions
> have been made so far. I'm writing this to get a wider feedback on
> some of the changes up for discussion.
> tb-planning mailing list <>
>   * Would remain/become the main channel of general communication.
>   * Would preferably be moving to topicbox like many of our other
>     lists <>(topicbox is a
>     mailing list system too, but with nicer web UI then mailman lists)
Does topicbox have the same level of moderation available as the mailing
list? Although I suspect we haven't needed it a lot currently, I would
be wary of moving to something where we loose the capabilities we have
now - in case that does become necessary in the future.

Personally, I also find topicbox has many issues. One in particular that
I do find confusing is the lack of sub-thread capability. That's fine if
you're just using the UI or just the mailing list side, but then when
you're trying to mix the two, the UI becomes really confusing.

> newsgroup
> <news://>
>   * Could remain (IMO).
>   * Could consider having it a pure newsgroup and kill the mailinglist
>     gateway, which when used makes usage a mess out of conversations
>     there...
What would be the point of the newsgroup? What would it actually cover?
The only things I've noticed being discussed there recently would
possibly be better discussed on the maildev discussion list...

As far as I'm aware, the newsgroups also lack moderation capabilities.


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