Thunderbird communication channels consolidation

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at
Fri May 15 07:32:10 UTC 2020

Currently Thunderbird communication channels are a bit scattered. Some 
consolidation has been discussed on various forums, but no decisions 
have been made so far. I'm writing this to get a wider feedback on some 
of the changes up for discussion.

tb-planning mailing list <>

  * Would remain/become the main channel of general communication.
  * Would preferably be moving to topicbox like many of our other lists
    <>(topicbox is a mailing list
    system too, but with nicer web UI then mailman lists)

maildev mailing list 

  * Most if not all of the maildev members are also on tb-planning.
  * The list hasn't had too much traffic, since whether to choose this
    or tb-planning is not easy.
  * Its original purpose of serving as a more moderated forum for
    technical discussion has proven generally non-feasible: details of
    technical decisions are better discussed on specific bugs with the
    people who have, or are gaining knowledge about the specifics involved.

Thunderbird discourse <>

  * Would be discontinued.
  * The addons topicbox <>
    is flourishing and a number of people have expressed frustration
    with discourse. The value in keeping it seems low. newsgroup 

  * Could remain (IMO).
  * Could consider having it a pure newsgroup and kill the mailinglist
    gateway, which when used makes usage a mess out of conversations

cc:ing maildev - let's continue the discussion on tb-planning though!


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