intent to unship: movemail support

Eyal Rozenberg eyalroz at
Sun Mar 29 18:26:53 UTC 2020

Please reconsider.

* Compatibility with multiple account types makes it easier to migrate 
to Thunderbird.
* Compatibility with multiple account types makes it easier to integrate 
Thunderbird as a default GUI mail client on Unix-like systems.
* I'm sure usage is not tiny compared to the amount of advocacy efforts 
made to get Unix/Linux distribution makers to use Thunderbird for this 
purpose; and the same efforts to get users to use Thunderbird for this 
purpose. I didn't even realize this was possible! ... so of course usage 
will be very limited. This is like saying that because we've neglected 
something we should now kill it. Now, I'm not saying it was easy to 
_not_ neglect this, and I realize everyone is busy, but still.
* I'm sure it's quite possible to modify the current implementation so 
as to make UI complications go away. Probably by making the 
non-movemail-specific code a little more flexible.
* It seems like the real reason is that it's broken on trunk and nobody 
feels motivated enough to fix the breakage; and the other reasons are 
more of a rationalization...

Unfortunately I can't offer coding time to support this; but I 
definitely believe it's worthwhile.


On 29/03/2020 14:31, Magnus Melin wrote:
> We're planning to drop support for movemail account types, soon.
> Movemail is the type of mailaccount that allows direct usage of your
> Unix mailspool. (Only supported on Linux).
> Reason: approximated to have tiny usage, requires UI complications for
> how to set up accounts such as having to hide NTTP setups behind "Other
> accounts". And, it's also broken on trunk for unknown reasons. There
> seems to be little justification to put resources into making it work
> again. It's just a thing form the past.
> This is tracked in 
>   -Magnus
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