Thunderbird 78.0 release date, and betas

Wayne vseerror at
Fri Jun 26 16:56:56 UTC 2020

Thank you, Walter. You are correct, I failed to communicate a step. 
Initially when we ship NN.0 even manual updates are disabled.  Thus, all 
users will for a period of time (perhaps 3-4 weeks) only see an update 
of 68.9.0 -> 69.10.0, which will be automatic.

However, at some point the rules will be changed, typically in bursts of 
a couple days, so that manual update attempts will get 78 in short 
bursts.  And then in the 78.2 time frame I expect, as I previously 
posted, that automatic updates will gradually be phased in more strongly.

In other words, extension developers do not have a full three months to 
prepare extensions.  Note, even on day one many users download the new 
version just because they are eager to get it.  And ISTR last year we 
had many tens of thousands of version 68 users in the first month - it's 
not a spigot that we can fully control.  I anticipate a million or two 
users on 78 by September 1.

To conclude, you don't want to be ramping up add-on development in late 
July and August.  Extension developers will want to :
a) start their work now, if they did not already start during the beta 
78 period
b) ask questions and assist other developers in
c) file bugs now for missing API functionally needed for their add-on, 
if they did not already do so during the beta 78 period
d) help bring the developer documentation up to speed

Hope that helps.

On 6/26/20 11:44 AM, Walter L Schwartz wrote:
> Wayne,
> So I will get 78.0 and not 68.10 when I do a Help > About Thunderbird 
> using my 68.9.0?
> I thought users of the 68.x.x version didn't get updated until 78.3 
> was released giving extension developers at least until approximately 
> 2020-09-22 to get extensions working for all users.
> Those that download and install separately should be a minority.
> Walt
> On 6/26/20 10:55 AM, Wayne wrote:
>> I, and all of us, would dearly love to have many more add-ons 
>> compatible when ESR goes live. However there are other considerations 
>> which compete with this desire, and so 78.0 must go forward.
>> Beta 78 will continue to be available for one more week to help 
>> add-on developers. And in one week 78.0 will go live but with 
>> automatic updates disabled - meaning users can only get it if they 
>> intentionally, manually update.   Or they download it from somewhere.
>> On 6/25/20 5:24 PM, Axel Grude wrote:
>>> Good news - *please do not push live for 4-6 weeks*, rather roll out 
>>> the ESR update much later, just  like last year. We need to do a ton 
>>> of rewriting and testing for our legacy Add-ons to become compatible 
>>> as "web experiments".
>>> I am hoping to hire someone from the Thunderbird circle to help with 
>>> primary conversion tasks, as I am too busy to do it myself. If you 
>>> want to earn some extra money with Add-on conversion please hit me 
>>> up off list.
>>> regards,
>>>   Axel
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>>>> *Subject:*Thunderbird 78.0 release date, and betas
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>>>> Due to availability of personnel and other issues, we won't be 
>>>> releasing 78.0 on June 30.  I anticipate releasing during the week 
>>>> of July 6.  This also gives another week for tweaks and fixes that 
>>>> are still coming in from new patches.
>>>> We plan to do one more 78 beta, 78.0b4, in the next few days.  And 
>>>> 79 beta will be done next week.
>>>> Feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback.
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