Thunderbird 78.0 release date, and betas

Axel Grude axel.grude at
Thu Jun 25 21:24:23 UTC 2020

Good news - *please do not push live for 4-6 weeks*, rather roll out the ESR update 
much later, just  like last year. We need to do a ton of rewriting and testing for our 
legacy Add-ons to become compatible as "web experiments".

I am hoping to hire someone from the Thunderbird circle to help with primary 
conversion tasks, as I am too busy to do it myself. If you want to earn some extra 
money with Add-on conversion please hit me up off list.


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> *Subject:*Thunderbird 78.0 release date, and betas
> *From:*Wayne Mery <vseerror at>
> *To:*Tb-planning at <tb-planning at>
> *Sent: *Thursday, 25/6/2020 16:17
> Due to availability of personnel and other issues, we won't be releasing 78.0 on 
> June 30.  I anticipate releasing during the week of July 6.  This also gives another 
> week for tweaks and fixes that are still coming in from new patches.
> We plan to do one more 78 beta, 78.0b4, in the next few days. And 79 beta will be 
> done next week.
> Feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback.
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