Thunderbird 78.0 release date, and betas

Wayne vseerror at
Thu Jun 25 19:09:14 UTC 2020

We had some conversation in chat.

Unless something expected comes up we will delay AUTOMATIC update to 79 
beta for one week.  Meaning we will do the merge and build 79 next week 
as scheduled, but will not enable automatic updates until the following 

Thanks for raising these concerns.

On 6/25/20 12:15 PM, John Bieling wrote:
> The issue is: we do not have a platform to work on to test/convert 
> AddOns for TB78 if beta auto updates to 79.
> We had the same issue with TB68 and it was not helping to not be able 
> to work on AddOns right before release of TB68. The period became 
> longer and longer due to found bugs in TB68. It was promised to not 
> repeat that again.
> John
> Am 25.06.2020 um 18:01 schrieb Wayne <vseerror at 
> <mailto:vseerror at>>:
>> On 6/25/20 11:57 AM, John Bieling wrote:
>>> Please do not release beta 79 before ESR 78 is out. This was a huge 
>>> pain for all add-on authors when we had that issue with 68.
>> I don't see why it would be a problem.
>> But regardless, you'll need to provide details as to exactly why it 
>> is a problem.
>> Not also, when 78.0 comes out, users will not be automatically 
>> updated - as previously posted.

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