[Council Meeting] Minutes from 2020-05-18

Ryan Sipes ryan at thunderbird.net
Mon Jun 22 19:08:01 UTC 2020


Here are the Council minutes from 2020-05-18.


      Thunderbird Project Council Meeting Notes from 2020-05-18

Present: Magnus, Ryan, Berna, Jörg, Philipp, Brian

Missing: Patrick, Wayne

Meeting time: 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM  CEST

Minuter: Ryan

      Motions/votes since last meeting


    Voted to renew contract for a Thunderbird team member.



    Ryan shared that we received Q1 final donation numbers


        Berna asked how close are we w.r.t. the forecast?

          + Ryan shared that we exceeded the forecast expectations by
            more than 50% and filled in numbers (versus 2019):
              # Jan +59%
              # Feb +29%
              # Mar +56%
              # Apr +63%

        Berna raised sharing more on social media more to drive donations.



    Magnus shared that two new team members: Ping and Lasana got started


    Magnus continued discussions about hiring in certain regions as well
    as the status of employee benefits.



    Berna pointed to the existing Thunderbird Roadmap


        Berna asked if we have a more detailed roadmap with timelines,
        milestones and key resources?

      o Ryan raised that a more detailed strategic roadmap should be
        produced that would deal with longer term plans.
      o Wayne suggested that a Thunderbird Vision discussion
        should occur as part of the Thunderbird Virtual Summit before it


Magnus suggested we review elector list and ensure it looks good in 
preparation for the Council election.
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