OpenPgp and autocrypt

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Mon Jun 22 07:07:10 UTC 2020

> Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2020 18:46:11 +0100
> From: Mike Cloaked <mike.cloaked at>
> Subject: OpenPgp and autocrypt

> Having imported my secret pgp key into Thunderbird 78.0b2 it does allow gpg
> signed mail to be sent, but it is using the old method of adding the .asc
> file as an attachment, rather than the more modern autocrypt method where
> the key is not directly visible, but can be imported once the recipient
> receives the mail if he/she is using an autocrypt capable mail client.

Hi, just before getting knowledge of Your mail, I filed a feature
request Bug regarding this:

"When own public key is attached, inject it in Autocrypt header, too"

> I note that receiving a mail sent using the autocrypt method that
> there is a flag asking if I wish to import the key - though that flag on
> the mail received continues to be there asking the same question even when
> the key is already imported.  So presumably there is already some autocrypt
> awareness within TB 78.0b2?

"Allow manual import of autocrypt sender key" has been implemented in

P.S. This mail should be signed (using still TB68+Enigmail) and include
Autocrypt header

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