OpenPgp and autocrypt

Mike Cloaked mike.cloaked at
Thu Jun 18 17:46:11 UTC 2020

I have been testing Thunderbird 78,0b2 - overall it works nicely - and I
was using enigmail up until Thunderbird 71 for pgp signing and encryption.

Having imported my secret pgp key into Thunderbird 78.0b2 it does allow gpg
signed mail to be sent, but it is using the old method of adding the .asc
file as an attachment, rather than the more modern autocrypt method where
the key is not directly visible, but can be imported once the recipient
receives the mail if he/she is using an autocrypt capable mail client.
Previously enigmail was autocrypt capable and I was using it
regularly until I moved to Thunderbird 78.

The question I have is whether Thunderbird will have autocrypt built in and
usable, either at initial release or in a feature update not too long after
release? I note that receiving a mail sent using the autocrypt method that
there is a flag asking if I wish to import the key - though that flag on
the mail received continues to be there asking the same question even when
the key is already imported.  So presumably there is already some autocrypt
awareness within TB 78.0b2?



mike c
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