Thunderbird 78.x and enabling OpenPGP by default

Wayne vseerror at
Thu Jun 18 16:39:15 UTC 2020

On 5/27/20 7:57 PM, Kai Engert wrote:
> On 28.05.20 01:03, Ben Bucksch wrote:
>> What about those Enigmail users who *do* manually install TB 78.0? 
>> They cannot use Enigmail anymore. They cannot downgrade anymore, 
>> because TB blocks profile downgrades. They are stuck without any 
>> encryption. They cannot even read their encrypted mail. I am talking 
>> specifically about those.
> You're right that we should think about those users, and try to 
> minimize the number of users who will run into that situation, but it 
> seems difficult to completely avoid it.
> Enigmail could open a tab (each time Thunderbird gets started) with a 
> warning that says "reminder, please continue to use Thunderbird 68.x 
> until August-25 because ...".
> Or we could try to add a check to Thunderbird 78 that is executed very 
> early during the startup code (before any profile migration code 
> runs), which checks if the Enigmail Add-on is present in the profile. 
> If it is, show a warning "You have the Enigmail Add-on installed, 
> which is no longer supported by this version of Thunderbird. 
> Integrated OpenPGP support is under active development, and expected 
> to be ready by August-25. Please continue to use TB 68 until 
> August-25. Thunderbird will now quit."
> Delaying the stable 78.x release until OpenPGP is sufficiently 
> complete would be an easier and more reliable approach (e.g. declare 
> 78.0 and 78.1 as beta versions), but in my understanding this isn't an 
> option. 

Correct, delaying releasing 78 for 1-2 months isn't an option.

It seems to me the idea you mention above is a very good one, give users 
an opportunity to opt out when starting up 78 and be able to go back to 
68.   But we are now past string freeze, so we need to very quickly 
navigate that issue.

I would not include dates - dates can change.  I wouldn't even mention 
releases.  We can communicate that information in the existing enigmail 
add-on when we know everything is ready.

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