[Council Meeting] Minutes from 2020-05-11

Patrick Cloke patrick at cloke.us
Fri Jun 12 20:53:40 UTC 2020

Thunderbird Project Council Meeting notes from May 11, 2020

When: May 11, 2020 at 9:00 PM CEST
Minuter: Patrick
In the call: Magnus, Wayne, Berna, Ryan, Patrick, Jörg
Regrets: Philipp


  * Discussed how to share information with donors:
      o Ryan noted that information is currently sent to the donor list.
      o Berna suggested using an infrographic like an example for The
        Document Foundation
      o General agreement that this would be nice, but unsure of the
        priority and who would do it.
      o The first step would be to figure out what information to include.

      Hiring / Personnel

  * Magnus updated us on some ongoing paperwork / offers.
  * Discussion of potential benefits package.

      Product / Strategy

  * Ryan led a conversation about strategic vs. tactical strategy.
      o This included some talk about how business partnerships could
        affect Thunderbird.
      o Ryan took an action item to include some discussions with the
        community during the Virtual Summit (see below).
  * Berna asked about the plans for Thunderbird in enterprise and how to
    understand missing features / functionality.
      o Magnus pointed out the tb-enterprise mailing list would be a
        good place to start.
      o Berna asked if the Council will be making final decisions on
        what features to include.
      o Patrick and Wayne asserted that the Council should be taking a
        higher level approach, not discussing individual features.


  * Ryan and Berna noted that we're still waiting to hear from the
    Mozilla Foundation for answers to a few questions concerning the
    non-disclosure agreement in use by the Council.

      Thunderbird Virtual Summit

  * Ryan updated us with his plans for the Thunderbird Virtual Summit
    and the results of the first session.

The meeting ended at 10:20 CEST.
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