Is comm-beta feature-complete for TB78?

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at
Wed Jun 10 06:09:16 UTC 2020

Hi Dirk,

For Thunderbird 78 most of the functionality has landed. UI wise likely 
two things more - a search field in the preferences and improvements to 
the calendar setup (autodetection). For mail folders/filters no changes 
planned, except for potentially some nsIArray -> Array<T> conversions.

There are a few things that are almost "finished", and that will need 
some more testing and bug fixing before we enable them by default (in 
some 78.x release): Matrix, OpenPGP support, CardDAV.


On 2020-06-09 23:53, Dirk Steinmetz (rsjtdrjgfuzkfg) wrote:
> Hi *,
> with Thunderbird 78 just around the corner, the clock is ticking for
> add-ons to get ported in time. However, there are still some features
> announced on the roadmap
> (<>) that have not
> landed and don't show any Bugzilla activity – and many of those features
> would be likely to affect necessary WebExtension Experiments.
> So I'd like to request a short status update:
> Is comm-beta is feature-complete for 78, or do you still expect major
> changes? If you do expect major changes, what parts of the code will be
> affected and when?
> I'm currently porting the proprietary GeneralSync add-on, and thus
> mostly interested in the address book and calendar changes – but I
> assume that at least the status of the mail folder / filter changes
> would be very relevant to some other add-ons.
> Thanks for your response, stay safe + regards!
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