Is comm-beta feature-complete for TB78?

Dirk Steinmetz (rsjtdrjgfuzkfg) thunderbird-lists at
Tue Jun 9 20:53:10 UTC 2020

Hi *,

with Thunderbird 78 just around the corner, the clock is ticking for
add-ons to get ported in time. However, there are still some features
announced on the roadmap
(<>) that have not
landed and don't show any Bugzilla activity – and many of those features
would be likely to affect necessary WebExtension Experiments.

So I'd like to request a short status update:

Is comm-beta is feature-complete for 78, or do you still expect major
changes? If you do expect major changes, what parts of the code will be
affected and when?

I'm currently porting the proprietary GeneralSync add-on, and thus
mostly interested in the address book and calendar changes – but I
assume that at least the status of the mail folder / filter changes
would be very relevant to some other add-ons.

Thanks for your response, stay safe + regards!

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