Thunderbird 78.x and enabling OpenPGP by default

Jacques Angevelle jacques.for64+TB at
Wed Jun 3 08:24:46 UTC 2020

For Win user's, the question is the same. With current (68.8) TB
version, I also use GnuPG in OpenOffice and would be pleased to continue
without manual synchro between keyrings.
I think all OS is impacted. GPG solution could be described as TB using
an external keyring. With OpenPGP inside TB, external use is broken if
there no way to use this internal keyring everywhere in the OS.


Le 28/05/2020 à 23:59, Matt Connell a écrit :
> Apologies if this is an obvious question; I may have missed the answer
> in the thread.
> Does this affect Linux users?
> That is to say, will there be an option to use GnuPG, as I am doing
> now with Enigmail?  I would guess that I am not alone in using my GPG
> keys for other uses/applications other than Thunderbird, and I would
> hate to have to maintain a separate subkey if Thunderbird can't
> utilize the existing GPG agent.

Le 29/05/2020 à 12:33, TT Mooney a écrit :
> What about the use case of people saving GPG encrypted attachments (or email archives) out of Thunderbird? They won’t be able to decrypt them externally, I take it.
> So best practice would be for everything to leave a Thunderbird decrypted. But that needs to be very clear to the user.
> I think I’d be more comfortable with an external private key, but I’m also really interested in a working configuration that’s maintainable.
> T

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