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A "This is what I think" post should be treated as feedback. For each 
case, try to cover as many of the following as possible:

  * Thank them for their feedback.
  * Search Bugzilla, GitHub, or anywhere else to see if the issue has
    been reported and confirmed. If the user is complaining about a
    change, take the time to explain the official reason for the change
    (not your assumption).
  * If the issue is confirmed, try to provide a timeline for when the
    issue will be addressed.
      o If it's a confirmed RFE with no set timeline, you can say
        something like "This is on a list planned changes; there is no
        timeline yet for when it will be implemented."
      o If possible, document the thread, and set a reminder to
        follow-up when the issue has been addressed. (i.e. "There is a
        new update today, which addresses your feedback")
  * Tell the user that you will pass on their feedback.
      o Record the feedback in a document with other feedback reports,
        and after a week or so, review the document for most common
        items and send a feedback report to the Thunderbird team. This
        way, the team doesn't get flooded with individual pieces of
        feedback, and can view feedback from a higher altitude.
  * Try to provide a solution or workaround the user can do in the
    meantime. For instance, if they are complaining about a change, and
    that change can be reverted with an add-on, suggest the add-on. If
    they are complaining that an add-on is no longer working, look to
    the add-on author's site for any plans to update the add-on, or
    provide an alternative.

By doing the above, my responses usually get marked as a solution or at 
least marked as helpful. When someone sends feedback, what's most 
important is that they feel like they're being listened to and taken 

If you need any help getting on chat.mozilla.org, you can always message 
me, and I'll walk you through it.

Matt Harris wrote on 2020-07-18 1:12 AM:
> I am not holding this users statements as representative,  I  just 
> made the mistake of including two issues in one email and that 
> apparently is enough to confuse.
> So what exact are support folk supposed to do with these "this is what 
> I think" Posts?  The project is directing them there,  so what are we 
> to do with them?
> Ignoring them does nothing good to our responded in 24 hour 
> statistics,  and they will almost never get a click of approval as 
> "solved".
> On 17-Jul-20 6:33 PM, Wayne Mery wrote:
>> FWIW I would have stopped long before 6 hours and posted a question 
>> on Matrix, and probably gotten quick help.
> Does it work now?  Last time I tried Matrix chat it told me something 
> about Mozilla employees only so I gave up.
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