Thunderbird 78 performance

Wayne Mery vseerror at
Sat Jul 18 13:35:47 UTC 2020

In a just few days since the release we have had a few reports of 
performance issues and I am sure we will have more in the coming days, 
including for issues that have not been reported during the long beta 
period which has ~50k users. This is normal when you bring on many more 
users, and happens every time we have done a big release, so it 
shouldn't be too surprising.  In fact we should expect it, and not just 
for performance issues.  These are opportunities to be seized and used 
to our advantage, to benefit our users.

We have great developers, but to identify the causes and fix issues that 
are caused by our code we must have testcases.  So please be sure to 
save your testcase data in some safe place before attempting 
workarounds, and then *file a bug report* with steps to reproduce.

The same goes for support postings - every support post is an 
opportunity to preserve a testcase that can be provided to a developer 
and potentially lead to a solution.

Together, let's get this bird in better shape!

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