Thunderbird 78.0 is live

Wayne Mery vseerror at
Fri Jul 17 13:25:46 UTC 2020

On 7/16/20 10:41 PM, Wayne Mery wrote:
> 78.0 is now live with lots of great stuff.  Ryan will post more on 
> that shortly.
> The reason for this email is primarily to inform add-on authors who 
> have been using 78 beta that automatic updates to 79 are starting 
> today.  So if you want to base your development work on  version 78, 
> then you will want to leave beta, and move to ESR 78 downloadable from 
> the website <>
> We've got quite a few add-ons already compatible, with more coming 
> every day.
Today we are preparing 78.0.1 and 79.0b2 with bunches of fixes, with 
plans to release next week.

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